Any parent of a teen or ‘tween who says they wish their kid came with a manual hasn’t read this book. I picked it up and in 20 minutes had a game plan for coping with two issues that I’ve struggled with for months: internet safety and videogames. These are problems I’ve spent hours discussing with other parents, churning in my own head, and seeking out information about on the internet. But I never seemed to arrive at a comprehensive resolution I could feel confident about. That’s been particularly frustrating for me as a psychologist (non-child, but still …). What Dr. Wellborn gave me, which no amount of consulting with other parents could, was (1) an understanding of what I’m up against in the world as my tween experiences it and (2) permission to enact a plan my kid wouldn’t like. It’s the kind of commonsense parenting advice your grandma would give you if she knew the first thing about technology and 21st century teen culture. You can tell Dr. Wellborn spends his days absorbing the in’s and out’s of the modern social world that his teen clients inhabit. He gives us the lay of the land — a foreign land you and I didn’t grow up in. He’s an emissary with a strategy for pretty much every major parenting issue we’ll face. This is time and money very well reader review
Written with wonderful simplicity and practical application, this is an invaluable tool for parents who experience communication difficulties with their teens. Dr. Wellborn’s style is straightforward and genuine and he has a wealth of knowledge about adolescents. I enthusiastically recommend this to all parents who are navigating the difficult times of raising teens.

Julie Corrigan, Upper School Counselor, Battle Ground Academy
I have the joy (truly joy!) of working with Dr. Jim Wellborn as a superior psychologist at the BUMC Counseling Center. He has been a light in the darkness for many a lost parent and teenager. He is funny, engaging, realistic, and makes a monumental difference in this community. His writing will make a big impact in your life as you seek to walk this journey with this stranger in your house—the teenager. I highly recommend Jim—this is a handbook for parents, and I wish I had had it when mine were strangers. The good news is that somehow, with direction and love and help from someone like Jim, they can become friends. This is a must read!Reverend Kaye Harvey, Pastor of Congregational Care and Missions/Outreach, Brentwood United Methodist Church
Technology and a rapidly changing culture make parenting a whole different animal compared to past generations. “Raising Teens in the 21st Century: A Practical Guide to Effective Parenting” is a parenting guide from James G. Wellborn who offers his own advice on guiding teenagers through life by focusing on being an active participant in their lives and being honest with them about many topics. “Raising Teens in the 21st Century” is worth considering for those seeking parenting advice for dealing with the slew of technology in the modern era, and the issues that are universal. —— Midwest Book ReviewMidwest Book Review
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