Dr. James G. Wellborn PHD

Dr. Wellborn is a clinical psychologist who specializes in individual, family, and group psychotherapy with children and adolescents addressing family and peer conflict, oppositional or risk taking behavior, attention disorders, parenting/discipline problems, academic motivation and school failure, alcohol and other drug issues, depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorders.

What Is A Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical psychologists are highly trained mental health professionals with expertise in the areas of human behavior, mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment, and behavior change. Psychologists complete an average of 7 years of graduate education training and research. As part of their training, they must complete a supervised clinical internship and at least 1 year of post-doctoral supervised experience. They must pass a national qualifying examination as well as complete annual continuing education and training. Psychologists are not medical doctors. They do not prescribe medication.

Psychotherapy Approaches

There are a variety of psychotherapy approaches therapists use to be helpful to individual clients, families or groups.  The following is a list of the approaches used by Dr. Wellborn.

  • Problem Focused/Solution Oriented
  • Cognitive/Behavioral
  • Family Systems
  • Activity Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Educational Consultation

Office Location

BUMC Counseling Center
311 Franklin Road
Brentwood, Tennessee

Phone: 615.370.2868
Fax: 615.370.8768

Office Hours

  • Mondays 12-9 PM
  • Tuesdays 12-9 PM
  • Wednesdays 12-9 PM
  • Thursdays 12-9 PM

Visit Dr. Wellborn’s Private Practice web site for more information, lots of resources for parents and teens or to schedule an initial appointment.

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