-honestly, Dr. Wellborn is my style of speaker – and the topics are very relevant.


-3 really great things combined make this one of the best presentations I’ve heard.  1. The underlying positive view of teens as developing people.  2. The presentation of facts and up to date research.  3. The integration of specific examples, ideas, and humor.  though I appreciate good research, it is far too dry on it’s own. Dr. Wellborn begins with research and adds his dry sense of humor and extensive experience working with teens and families. It seems sometimes that discussions of teens are not more than a wringing of hands and shaking of heads. In contrast – I appreciate Dr. Wellborn’s positive view of normal human beings who are simply in process of developing. I will be working to implement the practical ideas presented and to remember that this process is normal, and good, and should be enjoyed!

-I loved the frankness and humor that was evident throughout the presentation. It’s a difficult and scary topic for parents, but you managed to ease everyone’s anxiety. Maybe you should start the breathing exercises at the BEGINNING of the presentation. 🙂


-Excellent presentation. Engaging and down to earth. Very knowledgeable about kids, pitfalls, technology, and parenting advice/mistakes. I love your “take no prisoners” approach….it is what it is! And oh, your sense of humor was great!

-I am so glad I was off from work today. I cannot always come to these events. Today there was an appropriate amount of time made available for the talk, but your presentation was so good and in depth that we ran short of time for the “developmental” portion of the talk. I could have stayed for an all day workshop! I wonder if you could do a series of talks so you could have all the time you needed on each subject.


-Dr. Wellborn communicated the importance of good parenting in today’s society. Too often in mass media and youth development articles the emphasis is on the helicopter or over-bearing parents or the neglectful parents, but rarely on the parents seeking balance.

-He kept my attention, used humor, Q & A helped with examples of lecture topics, not too long, made me want more. Thank you for a great hour!

-Good sense of humor and engaging. Spoke relevantly about how the various age groups behave and offered great advice on how to affect changes in behavior.

-Dr Welborn was extremely informative and provided fresh parenting approaches that have practical application.

-Parenting seminars are best with there’s plenty of humor – helps to combat inherent anxiety parents have who want to do the right thing and worry about what they haven’t been doing. Dr. Wellborn’s humor was the perfect foil in his seminar and allowed us to laugh at ourselves and realize we can’t know or do everything, and that that’s okay.

-Dr. Wellborn did a wonderful job. I enjoyed the way he showed me to better relate to both of my daughters. I just wish he had been around when our oldest was about 14!

-Wonderful sense of humor, great understanding of teens and parents, concrete helpful suggestions for problems

-Sense of humor was entertaining and easy to relate to.

-Keeps my attention, love the jokes. Encouraging to know that all parents are going through these things and very helpful to have some advice on how to get through the teen years.

-We enjoyed your sense of humor. My husband and I connected with your approach to parenting and counseling. Thank you for your time, we learned a lot from your presentations!!! Looking forward to applying your parenting techniques as described in your book with our children.

-We really enjoyed your sense of humor and direct approach. We appreciate being given direct steps/methods to follow and not just focusing on the psychology behind why teens are the way they are. We also felt good about receiving your permission to annoy and punish our kids!! I have successfully incorporated the “three sentence rule” with both of my children and my husband! It’s fantastic!

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