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Wizard World Comic Con Nashville

In The Blog by Dr James Wellborn

Now that school has started and you have probably assumed your traditional parent role as homework witch or grade troll, why not take the family to the place where other witches and trolls (and super heros and TV characters) congregate.  Wizard World Comic Con Nashville will be here September 8-10.  It is a wild event where people of all ages dress up in (often elaborate) costumes of their favorite characters from fantasy literature, movies, animation, comic books, anywhere actually.  There are all kinds of displays and vendors selling every kind of product in the sci-fi/fantasy/anime genre.  There are seminars on popular cable series, storytelling, writer’s block, voice acting, illustrating, creating costumes, superhero psychology (now that sounds interesting), getting published and even getting your art portfolio reviewed by professionals.  There are opportunities to meet and greet entertainers, writers, actors, illustrators, performers, designers, directors, WWE wrestlers.  There are cast reunions, fan panels and costume contests.  And, the celebrity guests on the agenda are pretty impressive.  Go check out the craziness.  You can even dress for the occasion.

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