Moon Rising over people outlined

Winter Wonderland

In The Blog by Dr James Wellborn

SNOW!  Don’t miss the opportunity to play in the snow with your kids when Jack Frost blankets your yard or neighborhood.  Snowmen (snowperson?), snowball fights, sledding; bundle up, get outside and rediscover your childlike innocence (along with the aches and pains that come with advancing age).

For a more sedate activity, there is always taking a night time walk.  Something about a winter sky makes the stars look brighter and clearer. Take time to go outside and gaze up into the heavens. The scope and majesty of the night sky is awe inspiring.

This incredible, spellbinding video of the moon rising over a hill in Australia will show you what you’re missing. Then head out for your own lunar experience when the full moon rises on the night of January 15.

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