School Break: An Opportunity for Personal Growth and Renewal (or Don’t Be An Idiot)

Here is what teachers have to say about Dr. Wellborn’s presentation:

That was the best student presentation I’ve seen since I have been at this school.
Thank you!  You’ve proved to me it’s possible!!

Here is what kids have to say about Dr. Wellborn’s presentation:

He was hilarious! Great job!

he was very funny, and he grabbed the listeners attention.

Great guy

I thought it was going to be very boring but ended up being quite interesting, i loved it

its good

funny guy

Used humor to present a points, brought out thoughtful messages, engaged everyone so they felt included.

Dr. Wellborn is an A+ human being. Don’t let anyone tell Dr. Wellborn otherwise.

Light-hearted and serious all at once. This was a very powerful use of humor to teach a lesson. This is a great way to engage teenagers. I loved the way you kept saying “boys and girls” and how you kept such a straight face. Good job!

Dr. Wellborn was really funny and his presentation was very interesting and enjoyable. I really liked it! I was laughing throughout.

he was hilarious. most people that come to talk about that kind of stuff just end up lecturing us whereas he was funny about it all while also giving good advice

Unique approach to the topic

I didnt really get any new information i have heard it all before from my parents and older siblings but im sure there are people who hadnt really focused on this information.

I loved how at first you seemed like you were going to do a boring presentation, but 3 min into it, you had everyone having fun and laughing. The pictures were probably the best part and you have really good, subtle humor.

Was funny, satirical.

nice hair

He was good and occasionally got me to laugh.

he connected well with the audience and had some funny parts

you were funny and entertaining.

I took in from the presentation that on Spring Break i should always think before I act and don’t give in to pure pressure. I liked your humor. It made it easier to relate to us.

He was funny but i understood the meaning of his presentation.

Your great help and a nice American man


Resilience (or Get After It!)

Here’s what teachers have to say:

-The presentation captured and held the boys’ attention. That is quite an accomplishment. The boys seemed to genuinely enjoy and be engaged in the presentation to a higher degree than normally happens during the assembly programs. Well done and I wouldn’t change a thing! As the mother of 2 teenage boys who were in the audience during your presentation, I can say they listened to, and heard, your message. Having photos of the boys and showing some actual campus life was a nice touch!

-The presentation was great– the quick pace kept the boys engaged and interested. I was so impressed that you took the time to make a presentation that was unique to [our school] by including photos of the boys. They all enjoyed your presentation!

Here’s what students have to say: 

-Very honest about his topic, very original presentation, very funny but at the same time managing to make a clear point on a serious topic.

-What I liked was that he was not boring and in fact he was the opposite he was just fantastic!

-Unlike most presentations at our school, that of Dr. Wellborn kept the entire audience engaged throughout. It was just long enough to give a clear message, while not too long as to lull the audience to sleep. good job

-I loved all the video clips, especially the double lightning strike one. That was hilarious.  I would have loved to hear more about how we can adapt our approach to life as we get older.

-Easily one of the best assemblies all year, and not mundane or monotonous at all. You kept the audience extremely engaged in the presentation with humor and you kept the presentation at just the right amount of time. Could possibly be the best assembly all year.  It was a close as a presentation gets to perfection.

-Very funny, kept me engaged.  Wouldn’t change anything.

-Loved it.  Don’t change it.

-Connects very we’ll with the crowd and is very good with a young audience

-you looked like you have soul

-Funny and engaging, positive energy

-It was perfect for his audience and the time given.

-Unlike most speakers, you kept me interested in what you had to say and did not make me fall asleep. Good job. . . you managed to keep a group of teenage boys interested in what you had to say, which is an exhaustive thing to do. Also, you were very “hip” I guess you could say and not rigid and dull

-it was very good

-Couldn’t have said it any better… Very impressed


-Dr. Wellborn presented a very engaging presentation that kept everyone listening attentively, and it was also very informative at the same time. Being a high school teenager, I can get distracted very easily, but that did not happen during his presentation.  I don’t believe there is very much you could do to make this presentation better. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, especially since the topic, resilience, is our school theme this year.

-By the use of pop media, Dr. Welborn kept the audience’s attention throughout the entire presentation.

-I loved how fast the slides went and all the ammusing pictures to go along with it. Very enjoyable for our student body.  In my opinion, the presentation was just right. Not too long, not too short, and also not to serious but got the point across.

-Da lightnin. I love dat shizz.  Naw main you golden

-I like the videos u showed us

-He’s just a funny guy that is really entertaining which makes it possible for him to get his meaningful message through.

-His sense of humor is both appropriate and engaging, and his speaking style is enjoyable.

-funny videos

-Your speech at [our school] was one of the few presentations that have genuinely kept my interest for its entire duration. The video of the lightning strikes on that poor fellow was hilarious and kept the entire crowd entertained. The comedic pictures throughout were very funny and in tune to what high school kids enjoy. The preentation was entertaining overall and light years ahead of other speeches that have been given during our assemly.  Speech was perfect.

-As a student hoping to pursue behavioral psychology, I may be a bit biased.. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy the presentation. I liked that you included pictures from [our school], though it was subtle in the presentation as a whole since you did not actually speak strictly of [our school]. It made it feel like you made the presentation just for us and was therefore, unnecessary to explicitly state that. Furthermore, I have heard many boys say that the [student] photos caught them off guard, as it did me too, and they felt particularly engaged when they actually saw either themselves or a friend. (Typical of adolescent boys..)

though you can’t please everybody . . .

-It was fine, but boring. I’m sure some found it enjoyable, but it seemed sparse and fake to me.  It just didn’t seem real. I realize he used pictures of us to make connections, but it came off as cheap and campy.

-Comedy Good topics  I liked the comedy aspect, however I feel that in irder to achieve full potential on the point that there needs to be a few serous times

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