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Sexting Is In The News Again

In There's a Stranger in My House by Dr James Wellborn

Well, another story about teenagers sexting and trading pictures of their naughty bits hit the news recently.  According to the New York Times, it seems that a large number of guys and girls in a Colorado high school formed a kind of club that collected and traded naked pictures of their peers (themselves included, presumably).  From the advent of widely available cellular phones with cameras, kids began to find creative, provocative and sexual uses for their phones.  When data plans for internet access and the explosion of apps designed to provide all kinds of conveniences (including hiding things on your phone from your parents) were added, our jobs as parents got more challenging again.  What’s a parent to do?  If you are in the area, you can attend a presentation at Heritage Middle School in Thompson’s Station where law enforcement professionals and I will be talking to parents about Sexting and other problematic uses of technology.   But, there is also this 7 part series I wrote on sexting that includes setting the ground rules, recognizing the warning signs and what to say and do if your child is involved in sexting.  Hope this helps.

Sexting 1: Having the Talk

Sexting 2: Setting the Ground Rules

Sexting 3: Warning Signs

Sexting 4: What To Say If Your Kid Has Been Sexting

Sexting 5: What To Say If Your Kid Has Been Sexting (cont)

Sexting 6: What To DO If Your Kid Has Been Sexting

Sexting 7: What To DO If Your Kid Has Been Sexting

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