Giant Crystal Cave Documentary nat geo poster

Family Time Movie Theater: The World Down Under

In The Blog by Dr James Wellborn

To prepare for your spelunking family adventure (or place of it), here are some movies for family movie night that will take you down into some amazing caves from around the world.  (Do NOT watch any of the horror movies that take place in caves unless you want to have claustrophobic nightmares for months!)

Giant Crystal Cave Documentary nat geo posterGiant Crystal Cave (probably G)

In 2000 a cave was discovered in Mexico with features unlike anything ever seen before.  It is filled with enormous crystals, some reaching 39 feet long; larger than ever imagined possible.  The cave environments is  extremely dangerous and deadly.  The National Geographic created this fascinating documentary about the scientists who explored this remarkable natural phenomena.

These are all great documentaries about caves and professional caver explorers: Journey Into Amazing Caves, Cave of forgotten Dreams, What a way to spend a Sunday, Extreme cave diving, Underground Adventure: Spelunking



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