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Family Time Movie Theater: The Silence of Space

In The Blog by Dr James Wellborn

In honor of the Perseid meteor shower that is making it’s spectacular, yearly apperance this month, these movies have a space theme.  While there are LOTS of films with this theme, the focus of this list is on (mostly) what humans (or movie characters) have accomplished through bravery, sacrifice and perseverance (because why miss an opportunity to model the nobility of human character).

Apollo 13 (PG)

Remember this movie?  Incredible true story of how astronauts and the entire space program figured out how to avert a potentially catastrophic space accident.  It is edge of your seat stuff







Gravity (PG-13)
A medical engineer on a space mission is the only survivor of a catastrophe. She has to figure out a way to get herself back to earth; and things keep going wrong. Tension and edge of your seat thrills all in the vacuum of space.

Some other space films worth a look? 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forbidden Planet (A classic!), Interstellar, The Martian, Avatar, Silent Running, WALL-E, Galaxy Quest (because it is hysterically funny), The Right Stuff




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