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Family Time Movie Theater: Saving Grace of Character

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The Saving Grace of character counteracts greed, cruelty, selfishness and theft. Here are some movies that show the power of a saving grace and some that show the devastation (both personal and social) of being a person of low character.


Saving Grace


The Firm (The Firm movie posterR)

An idealistic law school graduate takes a lucrative job offer in a secretive firm only to discover that it is a cover for organized crime.  How can he keep his integrity and not get killed?

Here are some other possibilities: Mulan, The Pursuit of Happyness, Life is Beautiful, Antz, Babe, To Kill A Mockingbird, Oliver, Nicholas Nickleby



Damning Sin

Liar Liar film poster


Liar Liar (PG-13)

What happens when a self-centered lawyer is accidentally cursed by his frustrated young son to only tell the truth?  Jim Carrey, extreme physical comedy, heartwarming messa


Other, more serious possibilities include: Wall Street (1987), Changing Lanes, On The Waterfront, Serpico, All The President’s Men, Quiz Show



You can find all kinds of resources including an extensive list of movies that have a point by visiting the resource pages over on my website.

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