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Family Time Movie Theater: Leadership

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Finding portrayals of leadership in film is a challenge unless you want a male military commander or coach as the model.  Good luck finding many women portrayed in true leadership roles.  Here are some examples of male and female leaders as portrayed in film and television you can watch with your kids to see good leadership in action.


Chicken Run movie posterChicken Run (G)

This stop motion animation comedy tells the story of a group of chickens who try to make a great escape from their concentration-like chicken coop.  Great fun, very funny and it has a wonderful example of a female leader (including some of the biases that get in the way of female leaders being taken seriously).


There are also strong woman leaders in Secretariat, Star Trek Voyager (TV, Captain Kathryn Janeway), Elizabeth, Iron Lady, Alien 1 & 2, Commander in Chief (TV, President MacKenzie Allen), 24 (TV 7th Season, President Allison Taylor), Terminator 2, Courage Under Fire, The Lady


Kingdom of Heaven movie poster Kingdom of Heaven (R)

A village blacksmith joins the 12th century Crusades only to find himself needing to lead the defense of Jerusalem against a Muslim army.  He has to lead by influence, encouragement and honor.  (And the Muslims are portrayed with dignity and humanity.)




And then there are these: Saving Private Ryan, It’s A Wonderful Life, Glory, Braveheart, Mandela and de Klerk, Coach Carter, Hoosiers, Remember the Titans, Lord of the Rings (Aragorn), Matrix, Karate Kid, The West Wing (TV)


You can find all kinds of resources including an extensive list of movies that have a point by visiting the resource pages over on my website.



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