Corn maze

Corn Maze

In The Blog by Dr James Wellborn

November is the perfect time to get out and go walking with the family. The crisp Autumn air is cold enough to make things brisk without it being miserable. If you want to do more than take a walk around the block or stroll through a local park, consider looking for a corn maze in your area. Most people, except those who live in the heart of a big city, are within a short driving distance of corn fields. In many places that almost always means someone has set up a corn maze. Corn mazes are labyrinth-like walking paths cut into a corn field. For a small fee you can take the family on a twisting and turning walk (that may even have a few dead ends) as you find your way through to the other side. Wandering through a corn maze can be an enjoyable and challenging way to spend a couple of hours together as a family that doesn’t require electricity.   

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