Caving racoon mountain


In The Blog by Dr James Wellborn

Do the dreary days of winter make you feel like crawling in a hole and hibernating?  Then spelunking may be the ideal family adventure to consider.  Tennessee is home to the largest number of caves in the United States (over 9500).  Caving can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.  Luckily, many caves open to the public have tours and guides, even those that take you on a genuine, crawl-through-the-muck, cave exploration.  Possible adventures range from somewhat touristy walking tours that give you the cave experience without any of the unpleasantness to those that require you to bring your own equipment.  This makes it possible to tailor your caving experience to the risk taking preferences of your family.  The experience is really remarkable and the temperature is often a comfortable 50 degrees (regardless of how cold or hot it is outside).  Here and here and here are a couple of sites that will get you started locating a cave near you to plan for a claustrophobic family adventure.

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